Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of school for my sweet babies. Emily is in the 5th grade and has the best teacher -- Mrs. Cutshaw. Caitlynn had her two years ago and loved her so much. So, Emily was so thrilled to have gotten her. Ryan is in the 3rd grade this year and he has Mrs. Butler, who is a wonderful teacher, too. Emily didn't have her in the 3rd grade and neither did Caitlynn or Hunter, so I don't have much to go on, except that from what I hear, she is great. Ryan had a wonderful first day with her. He said that she was so nice. Emily had the best day, too. I'm so happy that they were still smiling when I picked them up.

We did have a bit of a fiasco this morning, though. This has been the first year that we have been allowed to ride the bus, because they said that we lived too close to the school to ride the bus. However, this year they changed the boundaries and if you live 1/2 a mile, or more, away from the school, then you can ride the bus. We live a mile away. Anyway, we were out there early, because we walked to Kelli's so that we could get a picture taken with Caitlynn and Hunter, before they went to school, and the bus was supposed to come at 7:26am. Well, by 7:38a, we got the car and just took them. We are going to try again tomorrow and see how it works. I have no problem taking them, so I will do that if we continue to have a problem.

After school, Kelli, Scott, and I took all the kids to Dairy Queen to get ice cream. They have a fun time. I'm going to close with some pictures from the day!

Emily, my 5th grader ~

Ryan, my 3rd grader ~

My sweet babies. They are growing up too quickly ~

Emily, Caitlynn, Hunter, and Ryan ~

Ryan, Emily, and Jessie (our neighbor), waiting for the bus, that NEVER came ~

All the cousins, after their tasty Dairy Queen treat ~


Corey, Jennifer and Nicole said...

they all look so damn cute on the first day!!!!!! I love love love Ryans beautiful...emily is such a little lady!!!!!!!!

Caitlin; said...

Amy Amy Amy.
Its been TWO WEEKS. post something more. I'm missing your blogs!

Suzanne said...

hey there, I'm missing your posts - hope all is well!!!

How are kids settling in being back in school. Love the first day of school pics. Suz/VA